Num Nut Sneaker Shop

Num Nut

  Hey loves! So I know I have been gone for a while now, but don’t worry I’m back! I am writing an article for school about this amazing sneaker shop in my hometown and thought I would share it with you guys! For this article I decided to go to one of the best … [Read more…]

OOTD : chockers and stilettos


Hey loves! Being back in Belgium is great and even though the weather hasn’t been amazing, the sun decided to come out today. Because I had just been shopping I thought it was the perfect opportunity to show of some new clothes. I am wearing an over the knee length dress, some cute heels and … [Read more…]

OOTD : loving pastel colors


Hey loves! It’s been a good couple of weeks here in Shanghai and tomorrow is my last day. I couldn’t leave without posting at least one OOTD whilst being here. Right now in Shanghai it has been the rainy season. Not that it has been raining every day or that it has been cold ( … [Read more…]

How to learn to love your curly hair

curly hair

  Hey loves! Due to the lovely Shanghai weather ( Humidity ! ) , straightening my hair has been a right pain. Every time I go out I just think , why do I bother and why don’t I just let my natural curls flow. But I guess it’s harder than you would think, going … [Read more…]

Coconut oil Love

coconut oil

Hey loves! So after watching this video online about whitening your teeth with turmeric and coconut oil ( that basically went viral), I did some research on what else you can use coconut oil for. If you are interested in if the organic teeth whitening thing works I will explain more about it down below. … [Read more…]

What’s in my travel bag?


Hey loves! After my long trip to China I thought it would be a great idea to write a post about what thing I took in my travel bag. Before leaving I had some trouble with this so I though others must have the same problem too. In this post I will give you guys … [Read more…]