My photoshoot experience

Hey loves! Today I will be sharing my experience with photo shoots. Keep in mind I’m not a model and don’t have a career in photography. I thought it could be useful and fun to discuss what it’s like from a beginner’s point of view and share some personal tips for people who might be … [Read more…]

My fashion wishlist

Hey loves! So today I thought it would be such a fun idea to share my fashion wish list with you all. I think every girl/boy that’s a bit into fashion has some kind of wish list. I could daydream for hours about all the beautiful clothes, bags and shoes I wish I had in … [Read more…]


Hey loves! Here is another ootd for you guys! It is a very casual and comfy look. A pair of jeans, a fluffy jumper and some sneakers are the best! My favourite item in this outfit are probably the shoes! I am just in love with them ( plus shoes are basically my life). The … [Read more…]

Last 10 pics on my phone

            Hey loves! So today I thought it would be a fun idea to share the stories behind the last 10 pics i took on my phone. It’s a nice way for you guys to get to know me better and show you a piece of my daily life.  Be warned not all the pics … [Read more…]

Palma de Mallorca

Hey loves! Today I am going to write a travel post. Any one who knows me knows that my favorite occupation is travelling. Even though I might be young I have visited a lot of places and am well travelled. Today I would like to talk about my experience visiting Mallorca, more specifically Palma de … [Read more…]

Frank Provost hair extensions

Hey loves! So today I am kind of writing a review on some  clip-in hair extensions (Frank Provost expert extensions) I bought yesterday! I needed some extensions for a photoshoot I am doing for my birthday party invites. I did not want to spend a lot of money so I went to my nearby drugstore … [Read more…]

Healthy replacement

Hey loves! So Today I want to give you guys some tips on what to replace bad snacks with. In general I do go for healthy snacks but that has not always been that way. SO let’s get started and maybe you will find the healthy think tastier !! first up let’s replace that microwave … [Read more…]

Beauty on a budget

Hey loves! So I thought it would be a great idea to show you guys the products I use and love. The best part is that these items are good and not to expensive. Which is what I normally aim for when I go and buy makeup. So let’s get started!!! The first item on … [Read more…]

Simplify your beauty routine

Hey loves! So today I thought it would be a great idea to write a post about some beauty hacks. As you could read in the title I am going to help you simplify your beauty routine with one product. Vaseline !!! It’s amazing how many things you can do with it and they don’t … [Read more…]

My autumn look

Hey loves! This is a look I wore a few weeks ago. I love the autumn and the clothes I get to wear in that season so here is a blog post for you guys with a few of my favourite items. So in this outfit I am not wearing much colour, but I love … [Read more…]