What’s in my travel bag?

Hey loves! After my long trip to China I thought it would be a great idea to write a post about what thing I took in my travel bag. Before leaving I had some trouble with this so I though others must have the same problem too. In this post I will give you guys … [Read more…]

All you need is some denim OOTD

Hey loves! This spring denim is hotter than ever! Cropped jeans, denim skirts, denim playsuits, jumpsuits and lots of denim on denim. This is where I got my inspiration for my OOTD. A couple of months ago I had found this cute denim playsuit in the Zara. I couldn’t wear it back then because it … [Read more…]

Long skirts and wedges OOTD

Hey loves! So this weekend the weather was just perfect inn Belgium. So I decided to get my summer clothes out from under the dust and could not have been happier. A nice crop top, some wedges and my fave long skirt. It just felt so good to feel the summer vibes. I just love … [Read more…]

Pop-up restaurants

Hey loves! So a few weeks ago I took the my girls to 2 different pop-up restaurants in the town we live. At the moment there is a Belgium television program called my pop-restaurant. This means 6 couples open up pop-up restaurants and compete against each other. They are divided over 3 cities in Belgium … [Read more…]

Homemade noodle soup

Hey loves! So as I am moving to china I have been into lots of Chinese food lately and how to make it myself. I am a noodle soup addict so I got creative with the things I had in my fridge and started to cook. Of course I was not able to just make … [Read more…]


Hey loves! So here’s a new ootd for you guys. Today was the first warm sunny day in ages which got me and my mum really excited. We went to a local fair and went on a ton of rides ( which my mum hadn’t done in ages). It was kind of like a mother … [Read more…]