My adventures in China : A few weeks have past part 2

Hey loves!

Being back in Belgium has been great and has made me realise why taking a break from everything was so important. My time in China was just amazing and I can’t wait to go back. After rock-climbing, KTV and lots of other crazy and fun stuff I guess I just haven’t gotten enough yet.

My last post was more or less a part one to my China adventures ( go and check it out the link is down below) and there can’t be a part one without a part two. I think I left things off with how I met friends and Cinqo de mayo, which was great.

After that my dad decided that some serious sightseeing was a good plan. So he got me up early ( made me change 4 times because my shorts were to short or my outfit was too fancy for sightseeing) and our day of hanging out and being tourists started. We got the metro ( that was way to crowded ) to Yuan garden. Which is probably one of my favourites places in the world. It’s just stunning. I love the beautiful gardens and temples, which I could stay in for hours. It’s just so peaceful. Another thing I just love about this place is that it’s like going back in time in such a modern city. It’s old Chinese architecture in between the Shanghai skyscrapers is just crazy and as a shopaholic  the market with lots of little stores makes it even more amazing then it already is.


So after roaming around the lovely gardens we walked through Nanjing road, which is the main shopping street in Shanghai.  From there we went to The Mariot on Peoples square where we took a short cocktail break. Then we went  for a stroll through people square which is very lovely, it’s kind of like a Chinese various of central park. There is a small theme park there as well.

After are long day of sightseeing we had a lovely dinner at Good fellas. This is a cosy Italian restaurant where the food is just amazing! It is one of the top Italians in Shanghai (2nd on TripAdvisor)  and it is right next to the bund. I would definitely recommend this place.

Next up I am going to give you guys a little tip, if you are like me ( a bit clumsy ) and you have a crack in your phone (IPhone), getting it fixed in Shanghai is easy and cheap. I got mine fixed in a little  market place for only 160 RMB (which is 22 euro). It took the guy 20 min to fix. I just waited there until he was finished and now my phone looks brand new. I did stay and watch him do it, just to make sure he didn’t take anything from in my phone and switch it with a fake part. You never know right.

On my last Sunday in Shanghai we went to have brunch in The Westin ( hotel). Which includes a huge buffet and lots of drinks. This was probably the best meal I had in Shanghai. The buffet has 4 sections : an Chinese section, an Indian section, an Italian section and a dessert section. The buffet starts at 10h30 am and ends at 03h30 pm. Whilst eating, there is some entertainment which includes an orchestra and a man and a woman singing opera, a group of men playing on some Chinese drums and lots more. It’s a whole thing and it is very popular, more than 200 tables were reserved. If you visited Shanghai it’s definitely a must!brunch 1

After a month of being in Shanghai it was time to go back to Belgium to see my friends and family. Not for long, only for a week. So there will be more blogposts about my Chinese adventures.

See all the pictures and the link down below.






bye bye


brunch 2

brunch 3


Go and check out my other posts about China. See the link down below.

My adventures in China : A few weeks have past



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