How to learn to love your curly hair

curly hair

  Hey loves! Due to the lovely Shanghai weather ( Humidity ! ) , straightening my hair has been a right pain. Every time I go out I just think , why do I bother and why don’t I just let my natural curls flow. But I guess it’s harder than you would think, going … [Read more…]

Coconut oil Love

Hey loves! So after watching this video online about whitening your teeth with turmeric and coconut oil ( that basically went viral), I did some research on what else you can use coconut oil for. If you are interested in if the organic teeth whitening thing works I will explain more about it down below. … [Read more…]

Frank Provost hair extensions

Hey loves! So today I am kind of writing a review on some  clip-in hair extensions (Frank Provost expert extensions) I bought yesterday! I needed some extensions for a photoshoot I am doing for my birthday party invites. I did not want to spend a lot of money so I went to my nearby drugstore … [Read more…]

Beauty on a budget

Hey loves! So I thought it would be a great idea to show you guys the products I use and love. The best part is that these items are good and not to expensive. Which is what I normally aim for when I go and buy makeup. So let’s get started!!! The first item on … [Read more…]

Simplify your beauty routine

Hey loves! So today I thought it would be a great idea to write a post about some beauty hacks. As you could read in the title I am going to help you simplify your beauty routine with one product. Vaseline !!! It’s amazing how many things you can do with it and they don’t … [Read more…]