Pop-up restaurants

Hey loves! So a few weeks ago I took the my girls to 2 different pop-up restaurants in the town we live. At the moment there is a Belgium television program called my pop-restaurant. This means 6 couples open up pop-up restaurants and compete against each other. They are divided over 3 cities in Belgium … [Read more…]

Homemade noodle soup

Hey loves! So as I am moving to china I have been into lots of Chinese food lately and how to make it myself. I am a noodle soup addict so I got creative with the things I had in my fridge and started to cook. Of course I was not able to just make … [Read more…]

Healthy replacement

Hey loves! So Today I want to give you guys some tips on what to replace bad snacks with. In general I do go for healthy snacks but that has not always been that way. SO let’s get started and maybe you will find the healthy think tastier !! first up let’s replace that microwave … [Read more…]