My day in Paris!

Hey loves !


So about 10 days ago 2 friends and I decided we needed a little mini vacay. As lucky as we are, one of the most beautiful cities in the world is just 2 and a half hours always. Paris! I have been working a lot lately so using my day of for a little mini city trip seemed like the best idea ever and of course it was.


Normally I am kind of a morning person but let me be honest getting up at 5.20 am and trying to be in a good mood before I have had my morning coffee was very hard! But we got through it and just got to the station on time to catch our train to Lille (France). This was step one to getting to Paris. Not to long after we arrived in Lille where we had to catch a bus that would take us straight to Paris. The shuttle service we used was called Ouibus. I can’t really tell you guys a lot about the bus ride because I basically slept the whole way. One thing that did kind of shock me was how fast we got there, so thank you for that Ouisbus! (I will put a like to their website down below.)


So, once we got there the first and only thing on our minds was food. Because why the hell wouldn’t it be (food is life). Me being the foodie that I am, I wanted a big breakfast/brunch and I wouldn’t take no for an answer. After a bit of research the day before we had found this small place that served breakfast the whole day. It was called Breakfast in America. I know it’s kind of ironic that we went to Paris and the first thing we did was go to a place known for its American food. But let me just tell you this. No regrets what so ever. We had a big breakfast that filled us up for quite some time. So, if you are ever in Paris and you want a good breakfast I really recommend going there. (link for their website will be down below)


After breakfast, we started walking around. The thing I liked most about our day in Paris was how laid back it was. We didn’t see many monuments but I can tell you this, we walked A LOT! The monuments we did see were the Eiffel tower (duhh), le Louvre and le Sacré-Coeur.

Out of the three my favourite is le Sacré-Coeur. The view when you are at the top is just breath-taking and my dad made a big romantic gesture to my mum there way back in the day soooo it has a special place in my heart. But my favourite place in Paris that day was a bridge that we crossed just before we arrived at le louvre. I will add a picture. I just loved the vibes there. The beautiful view, the street musician, people just strolling and another artist painting. It was just Paris in a nutshell.


But most importantly the company was great! Just a chill day with 2 of my closest friends having coffee or a cocktail, chatting and just relaxing together was just what I needed! Shout out to those two girls for coming up with that amazing idea!!


So, let me just give you guys one tip if you are planning of going to Paris.

  1. Take your time, don’t rush through your day just so you can see everything because that’s how you miss everything!


I hoped you guys liked my day in Paris blogpost and let me know in the comments where I should go to next!



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