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So I know I have been gone for a while now, but don’t worry I’m back! I am writing an article for school about this amazing sneaker shop in my hometown and thought I would share it with you guys!

For this article I decided to go to one of the best “up and coming” sneaker stores in Belgium ‘ Num Nut’. This store was founded by a young sneaker head in 2014 and is now doing very well for a startup.

I chose this store because of  my own interests in fashion. So a shoes store is without a doubt my thing. Another reason I chose this lovely store is probably because my dream job would be running campaigns and social media for companies especially in the fashion industry. Being able to take a closer look at a store like this that is trying to create a name for itself threw social media and other outlets is very fascinating and I have learnt a lot.

It’s a small store  in Kortrijk  and because of that it has a lot of charm.  The whole store is very modern and minimalistic with  a subtle alternative charm to it. It starts from the windows to the chair you can sit on to try the shoes on or the adorable dog that guards the door. Even the hidden details like stickers they had made and have stuck certain places shows you what kind of vibe they are trying to set.

The moment you walk in  you are immediately greeted by  the extremely friendly ‘Geoffrey Claret “who owns the store. He is very customer friendly and helpful and has a great knowledge and enthusiasm for his products. This makes it very easy to ask questions and you straight away know you are in the perfect place if you’re looking for sneakers. Even if you have a look at their reviews online you can see that these characteristics have been noticed by many people.

They are very active online, from instagram to facebook their social media accounts are very unique and  are always fun to have a look at. It’s also very easy to ask questions threw their facebook account or their website ‘

Basically it’s a pretty amazing shop with a good variety of different sneakers to choose from. If you are in the neighbourhood I would defiantly recommend to pop by and check it out!

Here is all of the shops info:

Adres: Wijngaardstraat 4, 8500 Kortrijk
Telefoon: 0484 99 55 12


Num Nut






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