Pop-up restaurants

Hey loves! So a few weeks ago I took the my girls to 2 different pop-up restaurants in the town we live. At the moment there is a Belgium television program called my pop-restaurant. This means 6 couples open up pop-up restaurants and compete against each other. They are divided over 3 cities in Belgium … [Read more…]

Homemade noodle soup

Hey loves! So as I am moving to china I have been into lots of Chinese food lately and how to make it myself. I am a noodle soup addict so I got creative with the things I had in my fridge and started to cook. Of course I was not able to just make … [Read more…]


Hey loves! So here’s a new ootd for you guys. Today was the first warm sunny day in ages which got me and my mum really excited. We went to a local fair and went on a ton of rides ( which my mum hadn’t done in ages). It was kind of like a mother … [Read more…]

My photoshoot experience

Hey loves! Today I will be sharing my experience with photo shoots. Keep in mind I’m not a model and don’t have a career in photography. I thought it could be useful and fun to discuss what it’s like from a beginner’s point of view and share some personal tips for people who might be … [Read more…]

My fashion wishlist

Hey loves! So today I thought it would be such a fun idea to share my fashion wish list with you all. I think every girl/boy that’s a bit into fashion has some kind of wish list. I could daydream for hours about all the beautiful clothes, bags and shoes I wish I had in … [Read more…]


Hey loves! Here is another ootd for you guys! It is a very casual and comfy look. A pair of jeans, a fluffy jumper and some sneakers are the best! My favourite item in this outfit are probably the shoes! I am just in love with them ( plus shoes are basically my life). The … [Read more…]

Last 10 pics on my phone

            Hey loves! So today I thought it would be a fun idea to share the stories behind the last 10 pics i took on my phone. It’s a nice way for you guys to get to know me better and show you a piece of my daily life.  Be warned not all the pics … [Read more…]

Palma de Mallorca

Hey loves! Today I am going to write a travel post. Any one who knows me knows that my favorite occupation is travelling. Even though I might be young I have visited a lot of places and am well travelled. Today I would like to talk about my experience visiting Mallorca, more specifically Palma de … [Read more…]

Frank Provost hair extensions

Hey loves! So today I am kind of writing a review on some  clip-in hair extensions (Frank Provost expert extensions) I bought yesterday! I needed some extensions for a photoshoot I am doing for my birthday party invites. I did not want to spend a lot of money so I went to my nearby drugstore … [Read more…]