Hi loves!

Here on our ‘About’ page you guys can get to know us a bit better. 

We want to be able to give our readers different views on things and that is exactly what we plan on doing. Annis & Co is run by a mother (Francesca) an her 2 daughter (Elouiza an Emilie). This way each blogpost has a different view and our readers won’t just get 1 opinion on things.

We will each be writing and posting about fashion, food, travel and lifestyle. So our blog is for readers from all ages that are interested in LOTS of fashion. That is what our blog will be focusing on, but as we said before, we won’t just keep to fashion. We will be writing about of lots of things and experiences. That’s what make it a perfect place for lots of family lifestyle blog lovers to come and enjoy. To keep up with our post you can follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!

We also find it very important as women to write post that encourage women to feel empowered. an example of this is in our post ‘ Thigh high boots and their taboo’.

This lovely blog was our mum’s idea. She thought it was a good way to do something together we are all interested in. It is a perfect way for us to stay close no matter where we are. Finding a way to do something together was very important for us and has made us closer than ever.  


Please check us out on Instagram  https://www.instagram.com/annisandco/


Now here bellow is some info on each of us. We want our readers to not only love our posts but connect with us as well. So always feel free to contact us through our social media or email!





Hello, I am Francesca. Apparently I’m the crazy Mum. Creating this blog with my daughters makes me so happy. It’s such a create opportunity and a great way to spend time with my 2 girls. As the mum I will be writing about food and family stuff. I hope you all enjoy are site as much as we do!





Hi! I am Elouiza. You could say I have a thing for fashion and so I will be posting lots fashion posts for you guys! I can’t wait to get started and I really hope you guys fall in love with our site like me and my family did! I am planning to move to China, so you can expect some travel and lifestyle blogs from me!





Hello there, I am Emilie. I am the silly one in the family.  I LOVE keeping myself busy with makeup and hair! So I will be posting lots of stuff and hopefully making some videos. I can’t wait to get started!